EXIT - Kickback Omni-Trainer (

EXIT - Kickback Omni-Trainer (
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Brand: EXIT
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The EXIT Kickback Omni‐Trainer is a unique training partner and the perfect training feature for practicing and improving your skills in various ball sports! The Omni‐Trainer consists of two sides (green and black), which are easily adjustable at various angles. That makes the Omni‐Trainer suitable for all sorts of training: ‐ Soccer (passing, shooting, receiving, heading and goal-­keeping) -­ Goalkeepers training (unexpected bounce – training reflex abilities, shooting, catching, etc.) ‐ Volleyball (spiking, receiving, passing) - Handball (throwing, catching, goalkeeping) - Water polo (throwing, catching, goalkeeping) - Tchouckball Green side: 71 cm x 112 cm -­ Fine-meshed net: shoot or throw the ball against the elastics of the fine‐meshed part on the green side for a straight, ’normal’ bounce. The truly unique feature of the green side of the Omni-Trainer is that you can adjust it to a perfect angle so that the ball can bounce super-straight, fast and noiseless. No more banging against the wall J. Black side: 119 cm x 130 cm The black side comes standard with 2 nets: ‐ Fine-mesh net for straight, ’normal’ bounce ‐ Coarsely‐woven net for an unexpected bounce. You can now perfectly train your reflex abilities. Try the challenge and use the black side with the coarsely-woven net to respond to an unexpected bounce. Practice your goalkeeping skills or place the Omni-­Trainer next to the goal, and volley and shoot the bouncing ball directly towards the goal! That makes it a product suitable not only for the garden, but also for a sports club! The Kickback Omni-Trainer is beautifully designed and very sturdy. The metal is galvanised and afterwards powder coated in black and green. Thus double protection! The Omni-Trainer always stands firmly by means of an anchor set delivered with the product. It consists of ground pins and a sand bag. This can be used on a smooth underground to prevent sliding.