Eva Trio - Pot 10 L (202480)

Eva Trio - Pot 10 L (202480)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Eva Trio
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Everyone needs a good pot of solid quality and stainless steel for daily cooking and you can have your own right here.Stainless steel is the perfect material for cooking utensils and kitchen equipment that is used daily, as it is a hard material that can withstand a lot in the form of wear and handling. Therefore, it is also good to always have a large, solid pan or pot made of stainless steel for the daily cooking at home. It could possibly be this fine pot from Eva Trio.One of the advantages of this pot is its handle, which is spot welded. This means that even if the pan is hot, the handles will not be heated other than you can hold them. They are wide, and have room for the whole hand, so you have a good grip on the pan and thus also security to work with your cooking.An encapsulated sandwich base is fitted, which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed. A sandwich base consists of a 5 mm aluminum plate in the middle and two layers of stainless steel around. The outermost layer of steel is magnetic. The total thickness of the sandwich base is 6.2 mm. This means that the cooking and roasting properties are improved, and it is thus a good working tool.The bottom is magnetic, which means that the pot can be used on all heat sources, so you don’t have to replace it if you change your glass-ceramic stove with a new induction stove.Useful information about Eva Trio Stainless Steel PotSize: Diameter: 24 cmMaterial: Stainless steel, AluminumVolume: 10 LiterGood material for cookware for daily useStainless steel is easy to holdDishwasher safe