Bialetti - Moka Express - 6 Cups - Black (4953)

Bialetti - Moka Express - 6 Cups - Black (4953)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Bialetti
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Brew a delicious cup of coffee with the world’s most famous espresso jug Moka Express.The classic 8-rimmed Moka Express from Bialetti is an Italian design icon, and has been developed with a focus on design and functionality. Over the years, the Moka Express has been updated to include an ergonomic heat-resistant nylon handle and an advanced safety steam valve. The little man with the mustache that adorns the jug is a symbol of Italian traditions, design and quality. The espresso jug can be used for the following stove: ceramic, electric and gas.Procedure for espresso:Pour cold water into the lower container, do not let the water exceed the hole in the safety valveFill the funnel-shaped filter with ground espresso coffee without squeezing it. Remove coffee from the edge and place the filter in the containerTighten the upper part tightly on the lower containerPlace the espresso jug on the heat source. If it is a flame, the flames must not reach beyond the edge of the containerThe coffee is ready when the top of the espresso jug is filled with coffee. Remove the espresso jug from the heat source - a delicious coffee is now ready to serveUseful information about Bialetti Moka Express:Cups: 3 - 6Material: AluminumNot dishwasher safeIt can be used for the following stove: ceramic, electric and gas