Barbecue Briefcase Grill (BBQ) (04770)

Barbecue Briefcase Grill (BBQ) (04770)
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Brand: Mikamax
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The BBQ Briefcase Grill is a high-end briefcase-shaped BBQ. The BBQ grill is compact, made for on-the-go. Inside the briefcase, there is a grill and a compartment for the charcoal. The Briefcase BBQ has a handle, making it easy to carry. There are 2 extensions on the bottom of the briefcase, lifting the BBQ up while folded open, giving the opportunity to place the BBQ on a table, or on the floor.Material: MetalWeight: 1,75 kgColour: Matte blackDimension: 30 x 7,5 x 22,5 cm