Babytrold - Car Activity Ride On - Ferrari

Babytrold - Car Activity Ride On - Ferrari
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Brand: Babytrold
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If you are looking for good training and fun for your child, then you have hit the jackpot by landing in the seats of this elegant car!This stroller is the key to your child’s health and gait. The stroller can train your child’s gait and keep the legs active, which is crucial at an early age.The car contributes to the development of good motor skills and balance, which can pave the way for a healthy and active life for your child. This car also brings a lot of fun and laughter to your child, while also teaching your child some early traffic rules. It can not be better!Product goals:Ferrari: 69.9 x 30.2 x 38.2 cmMercedes-Benz: 67 x 29 x 37 cmVW / Volkswagen: 70.5 x 30.8 x 38.8 cm