Baby Born - Play & Fun - Deluxe Camping Outfit

Baby Born - Play & Fun - Deluxe Camping Outfit
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Brand: Baby Born
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A camping trip, a day of hiking, a nature camp or out with the Scouts – whatever BABY born wants to experience outdoors, she is perfectly equipped with her Deluxe Camping Outfit. The comfortable grey outdoor trousers mean she is free to move around however she wants during her activities, while the robust pink shoes support BABY born on long hikes over rough ground. The colourful shirt and stylish hiking hat protect BABY born from the sun. Even the lazy dog Bello loves hiking and grins out from the t-shirt.• Premium accessories for the BABY born branded doll• For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through playBABY born Deluxe Camping Outfit with shirt, t-shirt, trousers, shoes and sun hat.