ASTRO A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation® 4/PC - PS4 GEN4

ASTRO A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation® 4/PC - PS4 GEN4
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ASTRO A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation® 4/PC - PS4 - RF - N/A - EMEA - A50 HEADSET + BASE PS4 GEN4The ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station is the studio’s flagship audio product and one of the most technologically advanced gaming headsets available today. Designed to provide a seamless wireless experience in multi-use environments, the ASTRO A50 is equally adept delivering audiophile-grade performance while gaming, watching movies or listening to music. Originally introduced in 2012, the fourth generation ASTRO A50 continues to innovate with a highly streamlined and tightly integrated audio experience free from the tangle of wires.● NEW ASTRO Audio V2 – Professionally tuned, ASTRO Audio V2 delivers audiophile-grade performance and spatial audio fidelity, whether gaming, live streaming, watching movies or listening to music.● NEW Dolby® Atmos – The ASTRO A50 features Dolby® Atmos, the latest in immersive spatial audio technology, allowing sounds to move naturally in three-dimensional space. For Xbox One and PC. Dolby® Audio is featured on the PlayStation 4.● NEW ASTRO Base Station – Redesigned with a smaller form factor, increased wireless range, better connectivity, and an improved charging and docking experience. The ASTRO Base Station also provides automatic headset pairing, battery status, and Dolby® On/Off indication. Connectivity includes TOSLink (optical) pass-through and AUX input/output for convenient audio capturing and livestreaming.● Low-Latency Wireless – The ASTRO A50 features technology that provides secure wireless connectivity between the A50 headset and ASTRO Base Station transmitter. This helps eliminate interference from other wireless devices and keeps audio output in-sync with video sources. ● Battery Life and Auto Power – Play for extended periods with 15+ hours of battery life. Auto On/Off conserves battery when not in use and awakes from Sleep Mode once the A50 is picked up.● Built-In MixAmp™ – Take complete control of your audio with ASTRO’s integrated MixAmp™ technology. Allows adjustment of audio levels such as Master Volume and Game to Voice Balancing for the optimal mix. Easily tweak the levels of each audio source to achieve the best experience.● Precision Boom Mic – A highly precise, noise-cancelling boom mic that’s optimized for Xbox® One, PlayStation® 4, PC, Mac® and more. Flip-Up Mute functionality mutes voice output and conveniently stows the microphone when not in use. ● Custom EQ Modes – Three EQ modes presets are available. These include ASTRO (tuned with precise bass for general gaming), PRO (tuned for precise mid and high detail for streaming and pro gaming) and STUDIO (neutral for accuracy and best for movies and music). Users can create, customize, save, and share EQ profiles to suite any listening experience or environment. ● ASTRO Command Center Software – Adjust Noise Gate, Side Tone, and microphone levels for crystal clear communication. Alter game volume, chat audio, mic, and AUX channels individually to generate custom audio mixes for streaming output. Future A50 headset and Base Station firmware updates will also be accessible via the ASTRO Command Center software.● ASTRO A50 Mod Kit Compatible – Upgrade the ASTRO A50 headset with the optional ASTRO A50 Mod Kit for improved comfort, style, and noise isolation. The A50 Mod Kit includes a synthetic leather headband and ear cushions that can be conveniently swapped with the original cushions and headband for additional noise-cancellation and comfort. (Previous generation A50 Mod Kit is not compatible with the new generation A50 Wireless Headset).