Lenovo - Smart Clock Essential + Philips Hue - Go Table Lamp - Bundle

Lenovo - Smart Clock Essential + Philips Hue - Go Table Lamp - Bundle
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Brand: Lenovo
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Lenovo - Smart Clock Essential with Google assistent + Philips Hue - Go Table Lamp - Bluetooth - New edition- White & Color Ambiance - BundleMake your home smarter with a Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, which is the ultimate smartwatch for any room.With its large and clear screen, you can check the time anywhere, anytime. Talk to Google to ask questions, play music, manage smart home devices, and more. This smart watch is here to help you be more productive and have more time. It also has a built-in night light, speaker and microphones.You can see the time on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essentials easy-to-read LED screen that is large, clear and visible from any angle or anywhere in the room. Are you in the process of doing something else, you can always just ask “Hello Google, what time is it?” And the clock will answer you. Check the weather forecast before you go outside. Set timers for cooking or controlling your children’s screen times. Set reminders. Search for facts. Add items to your shopping list. Just start with “Hello Google"Hue Go is a portable light that lets you light any moment with white light, 16 million colours and natural dynamic effects. Set the mood via the on-product control or connect the Philips Hue - Go Table Lamp to the Hue bridge for extended features via your smart device.Philips Hue - Go Table Lamp portable lightPortable light to enhance the mood in any roomSmart battery management for maximum freedomControl your wayOn product control to change light effectFull control from your smart device with extended featuresGo Table Lamp - connect light to your lifeEnhance your special moment with living lightFour light recipes for your daily activitiesUse timers and light notifications to help your daily routinesLight that links to your music, television and gamesGo Table Lamp has wireless connectivityAlways up to dateConnect up to 50 Hue bulbs and lampsEU Power Plug