Ambosstoys - Primo Classic Ride On - Orange

Ambosstoys - Primo Classic Ride On - Orange
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Brand: Ambosstoys
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Primo classic ride on toys combine classic Italian design with finest craftsmanship to create a timeless ride on scooter.The design of this exclusive, 3-wheeled ride-on resembles a classic, Italian scooter.Handwelded metal chassis, aluminium trim, a soft, handstiched sest and durable wheels makes this scooter a timeless and qualitative object. With its classic design is a collectible for every classic vehicle enthusiast.The frame consists of solid metal sheets, welded by hand out of several individual pieces, thereby assuring each toddler car is made with the highest quality and longevity. The finished frame is powder coated in the color listed in the product title. An aluminum trim is mounted around the leg-shield for extra stability, protection, and vintage look.The wheels of our PRIMO ride on toys contain two metal rims, powder coated in grey and assembled with 4 stainless steel screws. The tires are made safe for small children with smooth black plastic and include a white wall ring for an authentic classic look.The handlebar, the fork and the drivetrain are hand-bended metal tubes, subsequently powder coated in grey. Hard coated exteriors protect our PRIMO toddler toys from outside elements. The ride on handles are made of black plastic and include a 3D print of the logo Ambosstoys.The soft cushion seat is covered with artificial leather for maximal comfort and old-fashioned look.PRIMO is self-propelled. This means the “engine” is the rider itself! This keeps girls and boys highly active, while at the same time it stimulates their neuronal development of motor and coordination skills.Maximum weight allowed is 20 kg!This weight limit is set because the vehicle is not equipped with brakes, not due to stability or quality.Material: Metal Primo Classic scooter is nominated for the 2021 TOTY Toy of the year awards.Seat height: 32 cmHeight to handlebar: 43 cmLenght: 72 cmWith: 30 cmAmbosstoys is the company behind the beautiful Primo Classic scooter for children: The timeless running bike made as a true mini copy of a classic Italian scooter. The only difference is that it has three wheels instead of two. The company is family owned and was established by Elisha Ruesch and Nguyen Nguyen, who have always been passionate fans of classic 70s vehicles. When they both became parents, they became aware of how many plastic toys there are and how short the lifespan sometimes is. It encouraged them to produce something more durable and sustainable. For several years, they collected spare parts and repaired old cars and motorcycles until they made their first show room in Vietnam, which has since moved to Switzerland.They tested their vehicle models in various handmade clay models to develop the best and safest prototype in a classic design. It resulted in the adorable Primo mini scooter, which is just made in a timeless and similarly nostalgic design so that even mom and dad will get envious.Ambosstoys is committed to sustainability, solid craftsmanship and longevity. The word Amboss means anvil in German, and the name Ambosstoys is thus a synonym for craftsmanship, metal and longevity. The Primo mini scooter is also produced in the best and most robust materials, so it can withstand being tumbled around with. No doubt the little ones will love it. High quality is the key word, and each individual metal part is tested individually before use.