Agents of Mayhem Retail Edition

Agents of Mayhem Retail Edition
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Afterthe horrors of Devil’s Night, the world was left in ruins from thedevastation that the shadowy supervillain organisation LEGION hadleft in its wake. Theyneeded heroes. Theygot the Agentsof MAYHEM.Ina case of bad versus evil, this elite band of often unstable misfits,armed with a variety of crazy weapons, work under the watchful eye ofPersephone Brimstone, ex-LEGION lieutenant, and her girl Friday, tobring down LEGION and its mysterious leader, theMorningstar. Explorethe city of Seoul with a team of three interchangeable agents, eachwith their own distinct look, sense of humour, weapons, and skillset.Players can build their team however they choose, switching fromDaisy, a mini-gun wielding, beer-swigging, foul-mouthed derby girl,to Rama, an immunologist with a futuristic bow and energy arrows, toRed Card, a psychotic football hooligan with a temper thatcan literally cleara crowd. Witha toy box of twelve unique agents to choose from, players can jumpbetween notable TV star/pretty boy Hollywood, to sky pirate andinternationally infamous thief Fortune, as the mission demands. So kick back, cue the action music and find out how to create your A-Team of agents