Hi Pro Pancakes, Apple & Cinnamon - 900 grams

Hi Pro Pancakes, Apple & Cinnamon - 900 grams
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Brand: Olimp Nutrition
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HI PRO PANCAKES - THIS IS IT! Imagine that there is a way to prepare your high-protein breakfast in just 3 minutes! Imagine that it can give you up to 20 minutes of extra sleep and priceless regeneration! Imagine that you could have delicious American pancakes for breakfast without affecting your planned diet! .. and all this while maintaining the legendary quality and guaranteed safety of Olimp Sport Nutrition! And now; open your eyes and say hello to our new product, which is the answer to your requirements and active lifestyle! - Hi Pro Pancakes in three surprising flavours: gingerbread, raspberry and coconut. Set the wake up time on your watch for later - from today, preparing a healthy, high-protein breakfast will take you only 3 minutes! Respecting your precious trust and accepting complete responsibility for all products that leave our company, today we would like to present you our latest product. It opens a new segment of Olimp’s Sport Nutrition offer - functional food bearing the label “This is it”. 42% of the highest quality protein and complex carbohydrates that are an invaluable source of energy make up the perfect ingredients of your breakfast, the most important meal of the day! The qualitative and quantitative composition of our pancakes is based on the experience and knowledge of the outstanding Olimp Sport Nutrition scientific staff, and over 25 years of the company’s intellectual and technological achievements. Coconut and oat flour, desiccated coconut (coconut flavour), oatmeal and freeze-dried fruits (raspberry flavour) give the pancakes a unique, individual taste, unlike any other product! Research shows that consuming high-protein products has a key influence on the development of muscle mass and reduction of adipose tissue! Hi Pro Pancakes are also:

  • Your energy kick! The raw ingredients from coconuts that we used in the production of Hi Pro Pancakes are rich in medium-length saturated fatty acids - so-called MCT fatty acids. Their digestion therefore does not require lipase or bile acids. They are metabolised directly by the liver and are quickly used to generate energy in the process of β-oxidation.
  • Support during weight loss! The high fibre content of the raw ingredients derived from coconuts and oat flour additionally supports weight loss. High consumption of fibre has been officially recognised as a factor counteracting excess weight and obesity. It is associated with lower body weight, a lower content of adipose tissue and a smaller waist and hip circumference. Fibre also reduces the energy density of food and prolongs the feeling of satiety.
  • Effective prevention of morning catabolism! High-protein pancakes are a tasty and effective way to stop morning catabolism - a process which when neglected can effectively destroy everything you worked so hard to achieve!
  • A tasty, nutritious meal during the day! Prepare your pancakes in the morning and take them with you to work, school or training! This is it!