Zone - Rocks Highball Glass 41 cl - 2 pcs

Zone - Rocks Highball Glass 41 cl - 2 pcs
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Zone
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A good drink is a moment of joy that appeals to all senses. A long drink or strong liquor taste better and look better in this beautiful glass. The shape of Zone’s Rocks glass is simple, minimalistic and beautiful. Rocks series is designed by Mavro/Léfevre.This series with a range of different glasses made of lead-free handmade crystal is a part of Zone Denmark’s bar concept Rocks. The design is a simple, conical shape with nice sensual details like a big bottom, which is created to get the best out of your drinks.Useful information about Zone Rocks Highball GlassSize: 14,7 cm Materiale: Crystal GlassVolume: 41 cl2 pcs