XD Design - Bobby Compact Anti-Theft-Backpack - Mint Green (p705.537)

XD Design - Bobby Compact Anti-Theft-Backpack - Mint Green (p705.537)
Categories: Hiking, Accessories
Brand: XD Design
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Bobby Compact from XD Design is a new and smaller edition of the wellknown Bobby backpack. The Bobby Compact comes several completely new colours, so you can easily find one that fits you and matches your personality. Besides that the Compact is chock-a-block with a interesting features which can be seen beneath. You get 11 liters volume og despite the fashionable and smart design it fits more than you’d think. The backpack har built-in pockets with room for a 14" laptop, a tablet, plus everything else you might need while on the go. Bobby Compact is made of a hydrophobic material, and is knifeproof which means that your valuables even more protected against pickpockets and thieves trying to access your stuff with a knife. The backpack is perfect for students and schoolkids as the backpack has great space for laptops and tablets in the smart interior rooms, which in fact are especially designed for them.The, perhaps, best feature of the Compact is that it is created as a thiefproof backpack, so it is also functions perfectly as a travelbackpack. The zipper is in fact hidden away, and the backpack sits close to the back, so nobody can get at it while you are wearing it.Besides that the Bobby has a hidden pocket for your powerbank which can be connected by using the easily accessable USB-port on the outside of the backpack. The USB-port in fact does so your powerbank can lie safely in your backpack while you rechange your smartphone or tablet outside the backpack. In other words you can charge your phone via the powerbank in the backpack whilst at the same time carrying it. Maximum output on the cable is 2.4A. The powerbank is not included and can be ordered separately.Bobby Compact har a built-in raincover, which keeps the rain at an even greater distance, than just the already hydrophobic material does. In other words, you get a backpack which can be used in all weather.And as an extra extra smart feature, the Bobby Compact also has a ‘Mini Me’ which is an extra small bag, which quickly and easily can be folded out to an 8L big shoppingbag, so you also can go past the supermarket on your way home. Now isn’t that clever!Useful information about XD Design Bobby Compact Anti-Theft-BackpackSize: 44 x 30 x 16,5 cmMaterial: Hydrophobic polyesterWeight: 820 gramsVolume: 11 litersVægt: 820 gramIntegrated USB-port for recharging of your smartphoneHidden zipper, which makes it almost impossible for thieves to get access to you valuablesCutproof membrane which strengthens the backpack and secures you against theftPockets designed especially for your laptop and tabletChockabsorbing protectionHydrophobic materialsPerfectly shaped for your backBuilt-in raincover