Water Jug Mega Hydrator, Black - 2500 ml.

Water Jug Mega Hydrator, Black - 2500 ml.
Categories: Outdoor sports
Brand: Trec Nutrition
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The appropriate level of fluid in the body is essential for the health and well-being. Even a small fluid loss significantly reduces the efficiency of training, and proper hydration is an effective way to maintain the efficiency of the sports at the highest level. Mega Hydrator TREC is a practical bottle which allows adequate hydration becomes easier. Capacity 2.2 l corresponds to the average daily demand for water for human and translucent casing facilitates the monitoring of consumption. Robust reconstruction is ideal for the gym but also when practicing various outdoor sports. Robust holder fits on each hand provides comfort and a wide infusion allows for quick refilling bottles of any liquid, pouring the powder and easier cleaning.