TriBulon Black - 120 caps

TriBulon Black - 120 caps
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Brand: Trec Nutrition
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Extra Strong Testosterone Stimulator!

  • Extra powerful pro-testosterone formula
  • Enhances libido and improves training effects
  • Highest saponin concentration TRIBULON BLACK is a professional pro-testosterone formula containing ultra-concentrated Tribulus extract, standardised at the record level - 95% of bioactive saponins. TRIBULON BLACK provides natural plant steroids which help produce and secrete endogenous testosterone - the hormone regulating anabolic processes in the human body and sexual drive. The components help build muscle mass, burn body fat and contribute to greater post-training regeneration in sportsmen and physically active people. Ever wondered why some people find building muscle mass easy, while others have to fight for each extra bit of muscle? Of course the availability of building materials and intensive training are very important, but muscle growth is mainly regulated by hormones. Hormones are regulatory substances with the greatest effect on the intensity of anabolic processes synthesising proteins essential for building muscle mass. The most important of these is testosterone, which does more than just affect the main male characteristics. It is responsible for the synthesis of new proteins, essential during muscle regeneration and growth. Testosterone transmits a specific metabolic signal to cells; it is an order to continue exercise adaptation and regeneration following intensive training. TRIBULON BLACK is a high quality formula which naturally improves testosterone production. It contains record-breaking levels of exceptionally active, natural plant steroids. They are extracted from Tribulus terrestris, a herb which has been used for its aphrodisiac and tonifying properties for centuries. TRIBULON BLACK is an ultra-concentrated pro-testosterone formula, based on concentrated Tribulus extract containing as much as 95% steroid saponins. HOW DOES TESTOSTERONE WORK? In order to understand the effects of testosterone on the body, we must first find out how it is produced. Leydig cells in the testes are stimulated by luteinising hormone (LH) to produce 6-7 mg of this powerful androgenic hormone every day. Similarly to other hormones, testosterone is transported in the bloodstream in its inactive form - as a complex with SHGB transport protein. Approximately 7% testosterone is reduced to 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is almost 5 times more powerful. A small proportion of the male hormone (approx. 0.3%) is converted by the enzyme aromatase to oestradiol. However, this is not good for the development of a muscular figure. In contrast to testosterone and DHT, which are responsible for regulating male characteristics, oestradiol has