Surefire - GX3 2.5'' Gaming HDD 2TB

Surefire - GX3 2.5'' Gaming HDD 2TB
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Brand: Surefire
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Game consoles have a limited storage capacity, and the latest games take up so much space that there is no room for new games. The solution is to connect the SureFire Gaming HDD, which provides easy extended storage, so you can store all your games in one place. With a 2TB SureFire HDD for games with room for up to 50 + *** games, players no longer have to choose which games they want to delete from their console or PC to make room for new games. With a color-changing RGB LED accent lighting and a cabinet design inspired by the latest consoles, the SureFire Gaming hard drive has high data transfer speeds, which is perfect for storing the latest games.LIGHTNING FASTThe SureFire Gaming hard drive has a USB 3.2 GEN 1 interface for transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which significantly reduces the backup of your games. The hard drive comes with a USB-C ™ adapter so it can be used with many different devices.DESIGNED FOR GAMERSWith a sleek, black design, inspired by the latest consoles and with color-changing LED accent lighting, the SureFire Gaming hard drive is a stylish solution if you have a lot of games. Most consoles need to be formatted, so be sure to back them up before use. The hard disk can also be used on other consoles and PCs, but may need to be reformatted first.NERO BACKUP SOFTWAREFor added security, Nero backup software is provided to help you back up all your files, folders, and drives from your laptop or PC whenever you want. With it, you can also schedule an automatic backup at a specific time and day to ensure that it is done regularly! The Nero backup software is only compatible with Windows OS.PRODUCT DETAILS:Suitable for both console * and PC gamesSave all your games in one placeColor-changing LED accent lightingHigh speed data transferSuperSpeed USB 5GbpsNero backup software **Can also be used as a normal external hard drive for file storageTHE CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE:SureFire Gaming hard driveMicro-B to USB-A cableUSB-A to USB-C adapterNero backup software (only supports Windows)Formatting software (only supports Windows)Quick start guideUser Guide (pre-installed)