Sunflex - DiscGOLF Frisbee Set, 3 ranges (80190)

Sunflex - DiscGOLF Frisbee Set, 3 ranges (80190)
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Brand: Sunflex
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Trendy, threepart sunflex DISC GOLF set made of TPE, consisting of Driver disc for long distances, Mid-Range disc for medium and short distances and Putter disc. The easy playable set is suitable for beginners as well for advanced players and has PDGA approval. In carton.Frisbee´s to play frisbee golf from Sunflex Sport. There are 3 different ones in the package, one for long throws, one for medium distance throws and a “putter” frisbee for short throws.This set is for both beginners and experienced users. A frisbee measures: 21 cm Ø.