Stelton - Ice Tong ​

Stelton - Ice Tong ​
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Stelton
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Useful information about Stelton Ice Tong Size: W: 4,4 x L: 19 x H: 2,4 cmMaterial: SteelDesigner: Arne JacobsenSteltonStelton is a fusion of two names, Stellan and Carton - the founders’ surnames in one word. The two companions established their small trading company for more than 50 years ago and have since then grown into one of Denmark’s most famous design brands. Stelton sold at the beginning only sports shoes and furniture, but when the founders heard about a small factory called “Danish Stainless” the company received a quick turn and the dreams really took off. Today, the company is led by Peter Holmblad and has a strong vision that says that Stelton have to be the most innovative, trend-setting design based on a Scandinavian design philosophy, the best designers around the world want to work with. In addition, Stelton have to be the first choice for the consumers who actively want to improve life value by buying good design.