SnowRunner: A MudRunner

SnowRunner: A MudRunner
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Focus Home Interactive
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SnowRunner puts you behind the wheel of a huge roster of customizable heavy-duty vehicles from manufacturers like Pacific, Navistar and more in some of the world’s most untamed, unforgiving environments. There are more than 15 new sandbox maps to explore, some up to four times larger than those in the original MudRunner.The ultimate off-road experience, expanded, improved, enriched.Expand your transport company and drive a huge roster of enormous customizable vehicles.Explore immense, untamed environments powered by the new game’s advanced physics engine.Complete perilous missions in more than 15 brand new sandbox maps, up to 4x as big as those of MudRunner’s!Overcome new extreme terrains, each with its own challenges, and find the quickest path to deliver your good safely.Customize your trucks’ looks and performance, complete with fully rendered interiors.Play solo or in multiplayer coop up to 4!