Smart Max - Start XL, 42 pcs. (SG4501)

Smart Max - Start XL, 42 pcs. (SG4501)
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Brand: SmartMax
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All you need to build exciting structures and learn about magnetic principles. Contains 42 pieces. The carefully designed giant magnetic bars and balls offer an array of exploring and connecting possibilities that stimulate the creativity of growing young minds. Sets contain a guide which shows different ways of play with SMARTMAX®, following different age grades: Toddlers (1-2): connecting bars and balls and copying simple 2D shapes Infants (2-4): making more complex 2D shapes and easy 3D structures Kids (+4): learning to build stable 3D constructions. Have fun exploring the fascinating world of magnetism with SMARTMAX! Magnetism is an amazing phenomenon. Even while hardly noticed, it is everywhere around us. Our planet Earth has a giant magnetic field of her own with two opposite poles, a north pole and a south pole! For hundreds of years, mankind has used compasses to guide them. Compasses point always to the Earth’s north pole. Magnets have also a magnetic north and south pole. Component characteristics:Cold colours: the green, blue and purple bars have their north poles directed outwards Warm colours: the red, orange and yellow bars have their south poles directed outwards Unlike poles attract, like poles repel. All bars with a cold colour can be connected to all bars with a warm colour all other combinations repel SMARTMAX balls are attracted by all iron objectsSmartmax balls are attracted by all bars, regardless of their colour. Magnets can have different strengths:The magnets of the longer bars are stronger than those of the short bars Long bars can lift more weight or make stronger connections Connect two short bars and two long bars to each other. Pull at both connections until they break, did you feel the difference?