Silverlit - Curli girls Single Doll - Hayli

Silverlit - Curli girls Single Doll - Hayli
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Brand: Silverlit
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The perfect toy for a little stylist. Curli Girls are dolls with fun and smart hair that you can curl yourself. But do not worry, if the result is not good enough, just add warm water to the dolls hair and then it is ready to be curled again.Say hello to Hayli the ballerina dancer. If there’s one thing Hayli loves, it’s dancing. All she wants is to dance, and dancing ballet is her whole life. Hayli is one of the best ballerinas in the world and soon she will be attending a grandiose dance show. There’s just one problem - she needs to get her hair styled. Help Hayli fix her hair.When you pull in her long locks, they curl together and that creates endless possibilities to create unique hairstyles. Includes a Curli Girls curling iron, 9 different pearls and a hair clip that can help you create the perfect look for Hayli so she is ready for her dance show.The doll you can change hair on again and againDue to Curli Girls’ magical hair, you can put the doll’s hair over and over again. When you have finished creating your masterpiece with the doll’s hair, simply dip the dolls hair in warm water and then it will magically become completely straight again.Recommended for age: 3+Contains: 1 doll, including 9 beads, 1 hair clip and 1 curling ironHeight: ca 14 cm