Categories: Outdoor sports
Brand: adidas
Size: 5-6Y
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The shirt features a revolutionary raised silicon, heat-applied SE DONS crest, typically found on player issue shirts across the world. We’ve modified the badge for the away kit, using colours which compliment that of the shirt. With a ribbed V-Neck and engineered pinstripes, the shirt features platform CREATEDBY as the main sponsor. A modern club need a modern name and number font, represented perfectly in the DØNS away shirt. An adidas Badge of Sport finishes the jersey. 100% Polyester.



SE DØNS is a Sunday League Football Team based in South East London. Founded in 2014 by Ryan Palmer & Andrew McHugh aka Don Strapzy, the DØNS were removed from leagues for being too ‘aggressive’ and ‘unprofessional’. They’ve since found a home in The Orpington & Bromley District Sunday Football League (OBDSFL) where they can continue playing and uploading matches online. Known for their passion & hunger to win SE DØNS are quickly becoming everyone’s second favourite Football Team. They guarantee the ‘Longest 90’ & are prepared to do ‘ANYTHING’ 4 The DØNS. Two catchphrases that have become synonomous with the club.



The adidas SE DØNS away jersey takes inspiration from second and third shirts of professional clubs across the world. The modified badge colour compliments the shirt perfectly to replicate your favourite professional club. The effervescent ‘ANYTHING’ catchphrase which has become synonymous with the club features below the optional back name and number.