Rosendahl - Grand Cru Champagn Glass - 2 pack (25348)

Rosendahl - Grand Cru Champagn Glass - 2 pack (25348)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Rosendahl
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Rosendahl Grand Cru Champagne Glass Champagne glass from Rosendahl is a tall tulip-shaped glass on a stem that is perfect for serving cool sparkling drinks. Grand Cru series consists of many parts that will all put their own touch on your own dinner table and in your home. Simple design makes a good base in the kitchen for life, and it is easy to combine with other glasses. Please note: We recommend washing the glass in max. 50-55° C in the dishwasher.Useful information about Rosendahl Grand Cru Champagn GlassSize: 7 x 23 cmMaterial: Lead-free glassVolume: 24 cl