RBX stepscooter, Pink (RBX GPICA)

RBX stepscooter, Pink (RBX GPICA)
Categories: Golf, Bicycle, Clubs, Scooters
Brand: Rockboard
135 GBP
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The Rockboard RBX Step Scooter is ready for serious action and speed. It is designed with the patented “propulsion system” which ensures high speed by rocking the board up and down. It is equipped with smart suspension at the rear wheel to reduce bumps from the road. Just hop on your new RBX, rock the board and you’re on your way - and never have to touch the ground! To ensure a quick stop, your RBX is equipped with a parking brake that brakes the rear wheel. The handlebars can be adjusted in height so you get the perfect drive. Available in 3 different stylings and colors. Il For children from 20 kilos and can carry up to 99 kilos.