Quest All in One Portable Toilet Fluid 1 Litre

Quest All in One Portable Toilet Fluid 1 Litre
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Brand: Wowcamping
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This is a high quality, made in the UK, bio-degradable all in one concentrated toilet and bowl fluid. It can be used in all makes of toilets and cassettes. It is fast acting, kills germs and leaves a nice fragrance after use. This fluid is used in both the flush and waste tank meaning you do not need to purchase a separate bowl rinse. The amazing concentration of this liquid and great easy to use bottle also means that you only need store this one small 1L bottle in your caravan / motorhome which makes it much easier to store, lighter to pick up and much, much easier to use. The concentration on this fluid means you can get 50 doses out of this one small bottle, which also makes it amazing value for money. Put 2L of fresh water into your toilet. Then add 20ml of all in one fluid into the toilet and flush. The fluid will then be washed into your waste tank and start acting straight away. This dose is enough to keep your waste tank clean and fresh for one entire tank full (an average toilet has a 20L capacity). If you wish you can also add 5ml of fluid for every 8L of water in your toilets flush tank and fill to your manufacturers instructions. The fluid not only helps keep your toilet waste tank clean, but the long lasting fragrance helps keep it smelling fresh as well. The fluid itself is biodegradable, pH neutral and is formaldehyde free. The fluid is easy rinse and contains non-staining dye so it will not discolour your toilet waste tank, there is no need to clean afterwards as it is washed away with water. It has a built in water softener so it is effective even in hard water areas. Made in the UK Fast acting Highly concentrated All in one Goes in the bowl and flush tank Toilet deodorant Kills germs For all makes of toilets and cassettes Biodegradable pH Neutral Long lasting fragrance Built in water softener Effective in hard water areas Non-staining dye Perfect companion to the Quest 2L advanced bowl rinse Dosage: 20ml per dose (waste tank only) Number of uses: 50 (waste tank only) Dosage: 25ml per dose (waste and flush tanks) Number of uses: 40 (waste and flush tanks)