PUKY - R 03 Scooter - Blue (5346)

PUKY - R 03 Scooter - Blue (5346)
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Brand: Puky
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For children who already have a more developed balance (from 3 years), the PUKY® R 03 offers everything that makes a classic scooter. The soft comfort tires in 8.4 inches easily overrun smaller obstacles, provide sufficient grip and are very quiet. The R 03 offers additional learning incentive through the bell, the folding stand and the kick brake. The break is integrated in the rear fender and can be operated equally with the left and right foot. Ball-bearing steering and wheels ensure easy handling, good rolling properties and long durability - the non-slip footboard for a secure footing. The PUKY® R 03 is available in white / pink, sky blue and the theme world “Die Maus”.ScooterThe classic PUKY® scooter makes children perfectly fit for the bicycle because it trains the child’s sense of balance in a similar way like balance bikes, but also strengthens the leg and trunk muscles. With scooters running easily and safely, children not only expand their range of motion, but increasingly develop their sense of speed, steering and braking.WarningsSuitable for children from 3 years.ATTENTION: Use with protective equipment. Not to be used in traffic. 50 kg max.