PUKY - LR 1L Br Balance Bike - Kiwi (4031)

PUKY - LR 1L Br Balance Bike - Kiwi (4031)
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Brand: Puky
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Children who are already safe on the LR M and are looking for a new challenge can gain some experience with a brake with the PUKY® LR 1L Br. The well-dosed and very low-maintenance drum brake retardations only the rear wheel. So children can safely gain first experiences with a brake. The child-friendly handbrake lever is specially designed for small children’s hands, so that the handlebars continue to remain secure even during braking. The 12.5" pneumatic tires of the PUKY® LR 1L Br ensure optimum comfort and maximum grip on all surfaces while being very quiet. Thus, the pneumatic PUKY® balance bikes are the ideal vehicle for ambitious pilots who are already traveling a little faster. The safety handles protect the tender hands of children and defuse the handlebar ends. The banana saddle pulled up in front ensures that the gained momentum is transferred to the vehicle without the child sliding forward from the saddle. The deep access allows safe ascents and descents. Thanks to the large foot board, the rider can park his feet when going downhill, thus ensuring a favorable center of gravity and safe handling, even at higher speeds. We intentionally do without a steering angle limit on our wheels. So the handlebar lies flat on the ground when falling and the risk of injury drops considerably. The PUKY® LR 1L BR is available in the colors red, blue, kiwi, silver and in the theme world “Die Maus”.Age: 2,5Step height from 34 to 47 cmHeight from 90 to 115 cmWeight 5,20 kgSpecial balance bike saddlepneumatic wheels 50-203Child-friendly braking systemSafety handlebar gripsImpact-resistant powder coatingWheels and steering are ball-bearingSaddle and handlebar height adjustableFrame with low entry and footboardHandlebar protectorKickstandLearner bikesPUKY learner bikes are an ideal complement to the classic scooter, and also the perfect preparatory stage for the first play bike. They are characterised by their low step through frame and particularly child-friendly ergonomics. The special learner bike saddles are ergonomically shaped and perfectly support the child’s walking movements. The handlebar and saddle are height-adjustable, allowing for individual customisation. As a result, movement and the vehicle can be enjoyed for years.WarningsSuitable for children from 3 years. Max. total load 25kg. ATTENTION: Use with protective equipment. Not to be used in traffic