Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3
Categories: Golf,Clubs
Brand: Namco
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Your ultimate driver journeyRace over 200 elite-brand race & road cars over 140 global tracks make each car your own new journey, new game modes.Key featuresOwn your journey race to earn credits and xp to: buy and own hundreds of cars customize your cars’ liveries personalize your drivers upgrade cars with realistic performance parts.Feel each momentFully scalable assists for all skill levels new tyre model for convincing & fun handling 24-hour cycle, dynamic all-seasons, all-weather racing unrivalled controller experience visceral sense of speed intense crash effects and authentic car-contact enhanced AI 12k and best-in-class vr support (on pc) earn every win new and deeply engaging career mode battle your way up from weekend warrior to racing legend new & compelling multiplayer and community modes fun & exciting daily challenges.