PL-UG - Build your own den, small set (32161038)

PL-UG - Build your own den, small set (32161038)
Categories: Camping, Tents
Brand: PL-UG
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Build your own tent, den or fort using the pl-ug tools, old sheets, chairs, tables, windows and muchmore. pl-ug is a brand new and innovative approach to creating own caves, tents and hiding places. Here is everything the child needs - except for the fabric that will be the cave’s roof or sides. In the small set of pl-ug comes two clamps, two hooks, two suction cups, four “grippers” and a sign showing the adults that they must stay away - this is an area “under construction”. The set works well with the other sets from pl-ug. Pl-ug works fine from the child a tree if it is with an adult. Without an adult, the child should be over five years of age to get the full benefit of pl-ug.Grip: Use the grip to hold your sheets and blankets etc. Push the sheet through the grip and it stays in.Hook: The hook can hold a sheet but can also be used as connector for a grip to hang on to a chair, branch, pipe or anything you think you can use for your constructions.Sucker: Use a window, tile or mirror as a construction point with the pl-ug sucker