Pillivuyt - Plissé Sauce Pitcher - White (964230)

Pillivuyt - Plissé Sauce Pitcher - White (964230)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Pillivuyt
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The Plissé series from Pillivuyt is a simple, elegant and classic service series. It is known for its pleated lines and timeless style. The beautiful design with pleated relief pattern is based on some of Pillivuyts first molds, which is over 100 years old. This design has an extra strong and durable porcelain with extremely hard glaze that makes it resistant to impacts, scratches and large temperature differences. The porcelain is suitable for both oven, microwave and freezer while being dishwasher safe. Plissé is known all over the world as the concept of discreet French elegance. The beautiful Plissé Sauce pitcher has a functional handle that makes it easy to pour sauce from the pitcher. The gravy spoon can rest on the edge of the pouring lip, if you do not want to pour directly from the jug. Plissé sauce pitcher fits perfectly with the rest of the service in the series. The white porcelain makes the design timeless and simple with elegant grooves on the outside. This makes the Plissé series easy to combine with clean designed tableware, because of its delicate, fluted decoration. Useful information about Pillivuyt Plissé Sauce Pitcher Size: 20,5 cm Volume: 32 clMaterial: PorcelainPillivuytPillivuyt is one of the oldest and most recognized manufacturers of porcelain in the world today. The strong relation to French cooking and the high standards of functionality, quality and design make the porcelain from Pillivuyt a unique piece of crafts. The quality is so unique that Pillivuyt porcelain easily survives for several generations. Therefore, Pillivuyt provides lifetime warranty on all porcelain and a further 2 year guarantee after purchase.