Peugeot - Paris uS Pepper Grinder 30 cm - Choko (P23522)

Peugeot - Paris uS Pepper Grinder 30 cm - Choko (P23522)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Peugeot
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Paris grinder is Peugeot’s signature model and it is a grinder classic. The grinder has the patented u’Select-system with 6 different setting from very fine to rough. When the setting is chosen, it does not change when you use the grinder. Turn the ring on the bottom of the grinder and choose the wanted degree of grind. The grinders are available in many different colours and sizes.u’Select grind mechanism for pepper uSelect (uS) is a patented grind system with 6 setting of corn size. Grinding mechanism in steel with patented handling that protects against rust and preserves the sharpness and grind strength. The grinding mechanism has a double row of spiral-shaped teeth that lead the peppercorn towards the bottom and prevent them from falling out before they are perfectly grinded.Which pepper to usePeugeot recommends using peppercorn with a diameter of 5 mm or less for the optimal operation of the grinder. Black, white, green and red pepper are suitable, if they are mixed with one of the other 3 sorts of pepper (max 15% red pepper).Use of the grinder Do not mix up the salt and pepper, since the grinders are made for each its purpose. The pepper grinder can get rusty, if it is used for salt, and this is not covered by the guarantee. The salt grinders ruined by the wrong type of salt are not covered by the guarantee either.Useful information about Peugeot Pepper Grinder Size: 30 cm Material: Beech tree / black painted / white painted / stainless steelGuarantee: 5 years and life-long on the grinding mechanismu’Select-system with 6 different settings Unique grinding mechanismNot suitable for dishwasherAlways turn clockwise when you grindKeep dry