Petunia Peppy Blue Plant (1 tray x 8 plants)

Petunia Peppy Blue Plant (1 tray x 8 plants)
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Brand: Plants-Direct
Size: 1 Tray x 8 Plants
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These petunias will make your patio pop!

Amazing stripes of deepest blue and brilliant white make for a stunning display.

Petunia 'Peppy Blue' will give great show that lasts all summer in window boxes, hanging baskets and patio containers.

Supplied as plug plants - this is for a tray of 8 plants.

Place: Ideal for your patio in full sun

Hardiness: Half-hardy

Height 25cm (10in)

Spread 30cm (12in)

Flowers: Jun-Oct 

Delivery: Delivered direct from leading UK plant nursery

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How to Grow?

Pot your plugs into 9cm pots and grow until ready to be transplanted into containers or baskets once ready.

You can also plant plugs directly into flower pouches. Grow petunia plants in warm frost free conditions.

Pinch back the stems while the plants are still young to encourage them to produce bushier growth and more flowers.

Additional info

When risk of frost has passed, acclimatise petunias to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 to 10 days.

Choose a sunny site for their final position. Feed and water plants regularly, particularly during hot, dry periods.

Deadhead faded petunia flowers to encourage more blooms to be produced and extend their vibrant display.

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