Peppa Pig - Small Backpack 5 L (086409435)

Peppa Pig - Small Backpack 5 L (086409435)
Categories: Hiking, Accessories
Brand: Peppa Pig
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Should Peppa Pig go with your child to kindergarten?Here is a really practical little backpack, with print by Peppa Pig. Your child will no doubt love this beautiful backpack, and as far as practicality is concerned, it is a backpack that lacks nothing!Your child can enjoy the backpack’s large pocket on the front, 2 pockets of nets on the sides and some good reflectors on the backpack’s shoulder straps. The manufacturer of this lovely little case has also come up with comfort, and therefore your son or daughter can benefit from padded shoulder straps, for an extra high level of comfort.Peppa Pig is always a good friend to take with you, no matter where you are, and we are absolutely sure that your son or daughter would love to have Peppa Pig in the kindergarten on a daily basis!Product info:Size: 5 litersMaterial: Durable nylon