OXO - Fat Separates (X-11273200)

OXO - Fat Separates (X-11273200)
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Brand: Oxo
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OXO’s fat separator helps you separate fat from the juice. Pour the drippings into the fat separator. The separator has a heat-resistant sieve which catches unwanted vegetable or meat pieces and rinses the juice. After some time, the fat will rise to the top, while the juices lie on the bottom. Take out the stopper in the spout and pour out the juices, while letting the fat stay in. The fat separator is a useful tool for your kitchen that allows you to reduce the amount of fat in the sauce and at the same time give you a perfect, even sauce.Useful information about OXO Fat SeparatesSize: 18 x 25 x 13 cmNet weight: 425 gColour:Translucent, grey & blackMaterial: Polycarbonate, Santoprene, Nylon, HDPE, PP Constructed of heat resistant plastic Heat resistant strainer catches unwanted bits Stopper keeps fat out of the spout Shield prevents gravy from spilling over the top Measurement markings for recipesComfortable non-slip handle1 Litre capacity Gravy Separator nests a top strainer so other items can be stacked inside separator for storage Dishwasher safe