Outwell - Dreamhaven Double 5.5 cm 2021 (400005)

Outwell - Dreamhaven Double 5.5 cm 2021 (400005)
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Brand: Outwell
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Sleep tight when you’re camping in nature with this Outwell Dreamheaven air mattress.The Dreamhaven series has the new Outwell® FHF (Flat High-Flow) valve with an improved air flow for both inflation and deflation. The model has a 3D shape with a deep profile for outstanding comfort. The 3-D profile is supported by vertical static fabric panels on the side, which do not bend under pressure and help with easy inflation, as less air must be pumped into the mattress. Weight and package size are further reduced by using horizontal air ducts. A carrying case with a shoulder strap is included for easy storage and transport.Product information:Fabric: Top: 190T 75D polyester peach, Bottom: 190T 75D, 100% polyesterSize: 200 x 120 x 5.5 cm (LxWxH)Valves: FHF valve R-value: 6.4 (-28 degrees C)Color: Elegant GreenPack size: 62 x 24 cmWeight: 4.1 kgDouble flat high flow valve improves airflowDeep profile 3D shape for ultimate comfortSstatic side fabric stabilizes 3D shape and accelerates inflationHorizontal air ducts reduce weight and pack sizeSuitcase includedPFC free