Outwell - Darby Grill (650828)

Outwell - Darby Grill (650828)
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Brand: Outwell
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A smart grill with power plug, where everything can be kept a little slimmerGet (almost) fat free with this healthier choice for barbecue lovers. Easy to use, Outwell Darby Grill has a flat and ribbed pan that allows you to grill and fry food without oil if you wish. The ducts allow excess meat fat to run down the drip tray, giving you a tasty but slimmer meal to sit in. The removable lid also acts as a windshield and there is an adjustable thermostat and spice holder.Useful information about Outwell Darby GrilMaterial: Steel / aluminum with non-stick finish / plasticSize: 65 x 39 x 104 cm (WxDxH)Source: 230VColor: GrayPack size: 72 x 52 x 29 cmWeight: 7.9 kgEasy to useIdeal for grilling and frying without fatFlat and ribbed grillLightweight, non-stick non-stick coatingEmpty channels of excess grease into the drip trayRemovable lid is converted to the windshieldAdjustable thermostatIncludes base with spice holderUp to 2000W2.5 m cableEAN: 5709388086648SKU: 650828