Outsiders - Boxing Ball on Rod

Outsiders - Boxing Ball on Rod
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Brand: Outsiders
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Give your child a boxing partner that doesn’t complain if it receives an uppercut or hard jab on the side.Put on the gloves and beat all your aggressions into a boxing ball from Outsiders that does not complain that you hit too hard. On the contrary!Boxing is not just fun, it is also a way for the child to develop muscle strength, coordination, balance, cardio and of course also come out with some aggressions.The boxing ball can be adjusted for children from 3 to 12 years and can vary in height from 122-154 cm.The boxing ball weighs 2.6 kg, and the foot can be filled with sand or water, making it sturdy before it receives a proper beating.The set also includes boxing gloves and a pump that can inflate the ball.Product information:Boxing ball on rodFrom 3-12 yearsHeight: 122-154 cmWeight: 2.6 kgIncludes pump and boxing gloves