Our Generation - Sweet Kitchen (737885)

Our Generation - Sweet Kitchen (737885)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Our Generation
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Stir up some fun with the Our Generation Sweet Kitchen set for 18-inch dolls! This modern kitchen accessory has realistic details that make pretend-play cooking extra special. Plan a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner as you serve fruit, toast, and cook steak on the stovetop! There’s always room for dessert! Use the bowl, whisk, and measuring spoons to bake tasty cupcakes, then pull them out of the oven and start decorating with the icing bag! All done? Wash the plates and utensils in the sink with the sponge and dish soap before organizing the shelves, cupboard, and drawers. Having your own kitchen is ever so sweet.Comes with:1 kitchen1 toast with jam1 toast with peanut butter1 salt and pepper1 grilled steak1 frying pan2 spatula1 muffin mold1 measuring spoon1 whisk1 measuring cup4 plates2 small bowls2 knives2 forks2 glasses1 icing bag2 tea cups1 bowl1 egg tray6 eggs1 stovetop espresso maker1 sugar pot1 jar of strawberry jam1 butter dish1 peanut butter jar1 jug of milk4 cupcakes1 dish soap1 dish sponge1 orange bell pepper1 red apple1 pear1 orange1 bottle of olive oil1 oven mitten1 chalk6 hooksDolls and outfits sold separately