OBH Nordica - Sapore Coffee Maker (2324)

OBH Nordica - Sapore Coffee Maker (2324)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: OBH Nordica
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OBH Nordica Sapore Coffee MakerNothing gets the day started like the first cup of coffee. The OBH Nordica Sapore Coffee Maker is a stylish coffe machine. The simple design and stainless steel look, fits perfectly on any kitchen countertop. The Sapore Coffee maker brews approximately 10 cups of coffee in only 10 minutes. The built-in dripstop function and skid-proof feet prevents any unnecessary accidents.Useful information about OBH Nordica Sapore Coffee MakerBrews 1.25 L (10 cups) of coffee in 6 minutesMaterial: Stainless steelDripstop functionSkidproof feetWire length: 0.75 m1000 WEU-plugOBH - Designing good lifeOBH Nordica is a company with nordic roots, that produces electronic household products, where attractive design and functionality is of high priority, and where product development often happens in collaboration with leading, nordic designers. Picking out and producing innovative products with unique solutions, has become a key feature for OBH Nordica.