Nuts and Fruits Bar - 28 x 40g

Nuts and Fruits Bar - 28 x 40g
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Brand: BioTechUSA
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A good source of energy High protein content Beneficial effects of fiber A delicious snack made from wholemeal flour BIOTECH Energy Bar Nuts & Fruits You dream about a wholesome snack, which contains not only a large amount of protein, but also nuts that will give you energy. Invest in the Energy Bar Nuts & Fruits product from the well-known BIOTECH brand and enjoy a large dose of energy. The bar also contains a large amount of protein, fiber and healthy carbohydrates. It’s the perfect snack for active people. A delicious snack for you You love sweets, you’re a real gulp, but you try to limit their intake because you know it’s not healthy food. You should, however, find a golden mean: many bars have a really good composition and contain many important nutrients. An example of such a product is Energy Bar Nuts & Fruits from the popular BIOTECH company. A good baton will provide your body with a large amount of protein that will help you in muscle growth and recovery. In turn, fiber has a cleansing effect and supports the human digestive system, it also causes a feeling of satiety, thanks to which its operation is extremely important for people on reduction. As you can see, you do not have to give up tasty snacks, they can become a valuable complement to your everyday menu, but only if you choose the highest quality bars. Baton with nuts and fruits You must know that the Energy Bar Nuts & Fruits contains a large portion of oily seeds and fruits that are the source of the best nutrients. The product contains peanuts that are rich in healthy fats and protein, and additionally contain magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and many different vitamins. In turn, hazelnuts contain a huge amount of fiber and protein. You will find not only vitamins but also minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium or phosphorus. The bar also contains almonds, which are rich in unusual unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-6, also contain vitamins E and B12 and copper and manganese. A bar with a lot of fiber In addition, you will find a large amount of fruit in the baton: cranberry and pineapple. Fruits are one of the elements of a balanced diet, and in addition are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. The Energy Bar Nuts & Fruits will surprise you with an amazing combination of delicious fruit and oily seeds. This product will give you energy and will be a good pre-workout recharge. If you love sweet snacks, but you care about providing the right amount of nutrients to your body, choose a product with a high nut content. Thanks to this, you not only top up with energy, with which you can overcome all adversities, but also improve your memory and focus. Do not hesitate, buy one of the best bars available on the market. Trust BIOTECH and enjoy a delicious snack!