Normann Copenhagen - Grant Pendant Lamp Ø23 - Black (202013)

Normann Copenhagen - Grant Pendant Lamp Ø23 - Black (202013)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Normann Copenhagen
Size: One Size
240 GBP
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Grant is a collection of lamps for your wall, ceiling, floor and table, with a classic design and a versatile appeal. The smallest of the pendulum lamps are ideal for lighting up in your kitchen or dining room, but work as well as cozy lighting in the corner of your living room. The glass makes it possible to hang the lamps high without shining the light in your eyes.Useful information about Normann Copenhagen Grant Pendulum LampA ball joint connects the lampshades and arms, and allows the lampshade to be adjusted in all directions. The arms on the wall lights can be adjusted sideways. All lamps in the series have a replaceable LED light source with diffuser glass. Comes with fabric cord.Materiale: Granit, metalMål: H: 17 x Ø: 23 cm Vægt: 1 kgMaintenance: Clean with a damp cloth.Light source: LED 5kWh / 1000 hours