Na! Na! Na! Surprise - 2in1 Pom Doll Asst (571650)

Na! Na! Na! Surprise - 2in1 Pom Doll Asst (571650)
Categories: Hiking, Accessories
Brand: Na! Na! Na!
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Pop into a totally new unboxing experience and 2-in-1 surprise with Na Na Na Surprise. Unbox the balloon inside, inflate with the straw, then POP for an incredible confetti surprise. Discover an adorable, animal-themed plush pom and surprise fashions and shoes. Then, unzip the pom to unbox a beautiful, soft posable fashion doll with unique, printed details and gorgeous hair. Each doll has an animal-inspired personality and style that matches back to their pom. Dress Na Na Na Surprise fashion doll in their fabulous outfit and shoes. They also include a collector’s tag with name, birthday, and motto. The plush pom includes a cute, animal-shaped clip that attaches to a backpack or purse for added style. Series 3 includes 6 adorable soft fashion dolls and plush poms to collect. Unbox a 2-in-1 surprise with Na! Na! Na! Surprise, including a gorgeous soft, posable fashion doll and plush pom with a clip to attach to a purse or backpack.Incredible confetti balloon unboxing experience! Open the package to find a real balloon. Inflate the balloon with paper straw, then POP for a confetti surprise.Find plush pom and 2 fashion surprises inside each balloon. Unzip plush pom to find beautiful, soft, posable fashion doll with unique printed details and gorgeous hair.Includes stylish outfit and shoes for your doll. They also have a tag with name, birthday and personal motto.Collect all 6 adorable soft fashion dolls and plush poms in Series 3.