Muubs - Soil Vase Ø 21,5 cm - Chocolate (9490000103)

Muubs - Soil Vase Ø 21,5 cm - Chocolate (9490000103)
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Muubs
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Decorate your home with the beautiful Soil Vase from Muubs, which has a fantastic raw expression and sculptural look that will surely fit into any decor. The vase’s living surface and tactile structure tell the story of Mother Earth, according to Muub’s designer. The tactile surface of the soil vase is reminiscent of the raw, dried-up soil on the South African plains, and with a sculptural look and feel, the vase is beautiful on its own, but can also be adorned with either dried or fresh flowers. The stoneware vase’s deep chocolate-colored glaze exudes a timeless feeling that matches both natural wooden furniture and stylish iron shelves. Useful information about Muubs Soil Vase: Dimensions: H: 21.5 cm / Ø: 18 cm Material: Terracotta