Minecraft - Sound Battle Role Play - Core Diamond Sword (GNM45)

Minecraft - Sound Battle Role Play - Core Diamond Sword (GNM45)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: MineCraft
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Now Minecraft Dungeons fans can battle it out in the real world! The Dungeons roleplay Sword is a deluxe foam weapon that offers safe but realistic battling fun. Plastic handle offers an easy grip while sound effects make kids feel they’re really fighting their way through the dark world of canyons, swamps, mines and dungeons! Built-in accelerometer detects motion and impact, so when kids wave the weapon or make contact with enemies like creepers, zombies and skeletons, they’ll hear a realistic “swoosh!” or “clank!” sound. Great fun for imaginative roleplay! Sword also features a gameplay option that keeps track of successful strikes and plays authentic, in-game sounds. Also available (and sold separately) is a deluxe foam Double-Sided Axe! Both are fantastic action and adventure gifts for Minecraft Dungeons fans! Colors and decorations may vary.