Luigi Bormioli - Vinoteque Red Wine Glass Robusto 66 cl - 2 pack (C 342 2)

Luigi Bormioli - Vinoteque Red Wine Glass Robusto 66 cl - 2 pack (C 342 2)
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Brand: Luigi Bormioli
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For redwines with a lot of structure and which are very round, the redwineglass Robusto will clearly be suitable. The glasses concave shape is very suitable for wines with a high percentage of alcohol and an intense flavour. Large diffusion of aromas and support for the bouquet. Suitable for Amarone della Valpolicella, Barolo, Côtes-du-Rhone, and Rosso di Montepulciano.Vinoteque is a line of elegant and professionel wineglasses, which are designed to get the most out of the wine by accentuating its unique character. The series’ different shapes and dimensions are the result of scientific inquiries into how to get the best result from different varieties of wines and spirits, so as to stimulate the five senses the most. Luigi Bormioli glass is for the individual who wishes to get the most out of each and every pour. In each series the glass is therefore specially designed to give each variety of wine and spirits the most optimal circumstance.Luigi Bormioli has with new glass technology manufactured the very sturdy and resistant glassmass SON.hyx® which is completely transparent.Useful information about Luigi Bormioli Vinoteque White Wine Glass Robusto Size: H: 22,6 cm Volume: 66 clMaterial: SON.hyx® crystalin glass25 years score on edge and foot / discolorationComes in af giftbox2 pack