LEGO Friends - Magic circus carriage (41688)

LEGO Friends - Magic circus carriage (41688)
Categories: Golf, Camping, Clubs, Survival, Tents
Brand: LEGO
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Are you looking for a gift for a child who likes different vehicles? Then the LEGO® Friends Magic Circus Carriage (41688) will be just the thing. This play set has great value for money and includes a circus carriage, a fortune teller tent, 2 mini dolls and horse and owl figures. Charming details The horse-drawn carriage is filled with traditional details, such as charming lattice shutters and an old-fashioned lantern. The roof is side-hinged so children can explore the stroller inside, where they will find a bed, a kitchen with a stove and a dining table. They can also take care of the horse or play with the owl. Inside the tent is a crystal ball that is rotated with a twist function to reveal Mia’s future. Children can choose whether it should land on a sad or happy face, or they can let fate rule … The magic of friendship Introduce small builders to Heartlake toys that house a world of realistic play. With the LEGO Friends set, children can explore their interests together with exciting personalities. Children can get excited about the mystery of a traveling amusement park with the set Magic Circus Carriage (41688). This magical set for children contains a classic circus carriage and a fortune teller that can inspire fun and magical role-playing games. Includes 2 LEGO® Friends mini dolls as well as horse and owl figures, so there are plenty of ways to enjoy the creative play. Children can explore the cozy carriage with stove, table and hidden toilet. Children can use their imagination to create stories where they fit and care for the horse figure, ask the wise owl for advice, read in the crystal ball and predict the future, drive and hang out inside the circus carriage. The truth teller’s tent is separate and makes the fun play even better! Children can entertain the family by predicting their future, or they can take the crystal ball to a play date and play magic and mystery games. The detailed magic set will be the ideal gift for birthday, Christmas or “just because” for creative children as well as boys and girls from 6 years who love vehicles. The carriage is over 11 cm high and 24 cm long, while the tent is over 11 cm high and 8 cm wide, so that none of the parts take up too much space when displayed in the room. The circus carriage is filled with smart and creative equipment - the hinged roof can be opened so that little fingers can play with the stove or turn the tap to fill a bucket for the horse. Can be combined with other LEGO® Friends magic amusement sets - Magic roller coaster ride (41685), Magic acrobatics (41686), Magic amusement booths (41687) and Magic Ferris wheel and roller coaster (41689) - which can make the experience even more fun. All LEGO® play sets and mini dolls live up to strict industry standards, which ensures that they are of uniform quality and compatible - this has been the case since 1958. LEGO® Friends kits are tested in just about every conceivable way, so you can be sure that every single building kit meets strict safety standards.