Lawn Dart Game 4pc

Lawn Dart Game 4pc
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Brand: Wowcamping
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Set includes: 4 lawn darts, 1 target circle, 1 throwing circle How to play: Only play in a large open area with soft ground. Ensure any other people or animals are well away from the target area. Children must be supervised at all times. The darts are intended to be tossed underhand towards the target about 10m (33ft) away. The dart should be held between forefinger and thumb at the end of the ‘flight’. Included are two rings; one is the target circle and one is the throwing circle. Basic rules: Place the target circle and the throwing circle on the ground approx 10m (33ft) apart, (this can vary in length according to ability). Have some practise throws to start with! To begin the game, you must choose your colour to determine who throws first. The player should then stand with one foot in the throwing circle, and the other foot astride. Holding the dart at the flight end between forefinger and thumb, throw each dart underarm, aiming at the target circle. Once both darts have been thrown, the next player takes their turn. When all players have thrown, count up the scores, pick up your darts and then start the next round. How to score: Each player has two darts per round. The dart has to land inside the target circle to score 2 points but if none land inside, the nearest 2 darts to the circle score 1 point each. The first player to reach a score of 21 points wins!