Kay Bojesen - Egg Cups​ 2 pcs (39106)

Kay Bojesen - Egg Cups​ 2 pcs (39106)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Kay Bojesen
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Kay Bojesen Egg CupsA new release of 2019 from Kay Bojesen is their organic egg holder in oak wood from Menageri series. The wood in the holders has beautiful veins, which give every egg holder a unique look. The wood is treated with a surface, approved for food, which ensures that it will not take in the colour from colouring foods. The egg holder is designed in oak and it will be a nice addition on the breakfast table. They are 5 cm tall and fit for all sizes of egg. Useful information about Kay Bojesen Egg CupsSize: 5,5 cmMaterial: FSC® certified Matte varnish2 pcs