Kärcher - WRE 18-55 Battery Powered Weed Remover (Battery & Charger Included) (Demo)

Kärcher - WRE 18-55 Battery Powered Weed Remover (Battery & Charger Included) (Demo)
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Brand: Kärcher
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KÄRCHER WRE 18-55: NEW BATTERY-POWERED WEED REMOVEREffortless and efficient weed removalWhether on paved courtyard entrances, in the garden or on stone terraces - weeds often spoil the visual impression or even cause damage to the home, much to the anger of the owners. And it is not without reason that weeding the undesired growth is one of the least popular gardening tasks because the strenuous work is generally done on the knees or stooping over. The new battery-powered weed remover WRE 18-55 from Kärcher now provides a remedy and removes moss and other types of weeds from the surface of hard surfaces and does so whilst protecting your back.A nylon bristle rink at the machine head ensures precise removal of the weed with powerful bristle filaments arranged in pairs. The WRE 18-55 is driven by a powerful 18 V battery from the Kärcher battery platform. Moss and other weeds are cut off at the surface by the rotational movement as soon as the machine is held over them. A guide ball at the bottom of the brush head ensures the correct working position on hard surfaces such as paths, terraces or entrances. Not only the guidance of the machine is made easier, but the bristles are also prevented from bending from too much pressure on the bristle rink.When worn the rink can be removed without the need for tools and replaced with a new one. A special locking mechanism makes possible simple insertion before starting up the machine again. The guide ball, which also serves as a screw cap, facilitates the opening and securing of the bristles. If this becomes blocked from heavy contamination, the user can use a traditional universal tool to loosen the fastening.Thanks to the ergonomic design of the WRE 18-55, weeds can be comfortably removed, also during longer work activities. With its telescopic aluminium handle which can be angled at three different positions, the battery weed remover can be individually adapted to different user heights and cleaning positions. It guarantees comfortable, upright work and increases the cleaning performance.Technical dataBrush rotation speed (rpm) 2300/2800Brush diameter (mm) 180Brush material NylonBattery platform 18 V Battery platformBattery voltage (V) 18Battery capacity (Ah) 2.5Battery type Lithium-ion batteryBenefit per battery charge (m²) Max. (2.5 Ah)Battery life per charge (2.5 Ah)Charging time with standard charger (h) 5Output power, output power (A) 0.5Current type of charger (V / Hz) 100 - 240/50 - 60Weight without accessories (kg) 2.9Weight incl. packaging (kg) 4.9Dimensions (l x w x h) (mm) 1320 x 230 x 380EUpowerplug1.445-245.0 / 4054278693644