John Deere Drive Green

John Deere Drive Green
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Vault
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Bale hay, mow fairways, plant soybeans or corn, spray or harvest corn and more – it’s up to you to do the job right! See what you can do with 500 horsepower of Green Machine! * Drive any of the great John Deere vehicles or equipment you own. Buy additional equipment with Deer Dollars you earn from helping local farmers * Choose from over 15 John Deere vehicles and implements including the 9860 STS Combine, 8530 Tractor and 4930 Sprayer. * Complete each job with precision and efficiency to receive bonus Deere Dollars. A job well done is a job well paid. * Grab your gloves and hat and hop on an authentic John Deere branded equipment. * Collect and use Deere Dollars to unlock vehicles and implements for your farm.